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Affordable SEO Packages

27 Jul

Are you searching for an Affordable SEO Package? The answer is MustangSEO.com

The key factor to look at when deciding on an SEO Package would have to be the price vs quality ratio. I’ve seen so many different SEO company websites advertising backlink packages for sale. $10 for a $100 or what not. Well, when I look at their own website’s backlinks I see a whole bunch of junk links or low quality forum/blog posts. Just google search for “back link checker” and you can find a ton of free websites that will allow you to view a websites backlinks. 

The other half of SEO company websites don’t even tell you what they do. “Trust us” is what they are saying. Well they are salesmen, or women, and are good at closing people down with techniques learned in a cut throat business. What they are really doing is padding their wallets with your hard earned money and tell you to be patient it takes time. Well of course it takes time – but what are they really doing? 

We think it’s best to be upfront with the visitors to our website. We have the different packages and what you get with those packages right on our homepage. Oh yea, the prices are right there too. We provide our clients with detailed reports on SEO work that is completed.